Title: The Fairytale

Fancy a happy dream? Come to our secret party. Bunny and butterflies are your best friends! Please close your eyes and enjoy the wonderful time as a child in your beautiful dreams!
This illustration depicts a wonderful evening spent with imaginary friends. Inspired by day dreams, the gathering depicts how friendship transcends spices. Being immersed in nature, one can gain the feeling of happiness, hope and love.
Title: The Goddess of Water

Water represents purity and love, allowing life to thrive. Because of this, water is the highest good. This illustration piece celebrates the wonder of nature by illustrating the moment when the goddess of Water is cares for fish. The elf of Water is witnessing this wonderful moment. Water treats everyone equally by cleansing all. Its love improves life by purify it.
Title: The River
This illustration is a memory piece that conveys my peaceful feeling on a summer night during my childhood. It is also inspired by a poem written by Wang Wei, an ancient Chinese Poet during the Tang Dynasty. I engage myself in the natural world with a peaceful mind. The illustration is about finding the philosophy of life in the world of river and mist, and live in harmony with nature.